Welcome to the HighFlyer Forum! [READ FIRST]!

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Author Topic: Welcome to the HighFlyer Forum! [READ FIRST]!  (Read 46579 times)

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Welcome to the HighFlyer Forum! [READ FIRST]!
« on: August 27, 2015, 08:59:32 PM »
Hello and welcome to the HighFlyer forum :D Here you can talk about HighFlyer by GameGrape Studios!

Rules:(note these may change so be sure to keep updated with them!)
-No racism, disorderly conduct, bullying and likewise of any kind will be not be acceptable on this forum. This works on a case to case basis. If the offense is seen as ban worthy, an administrator reserves the right to remove you from the forum if you break the rules. If the offense if seen as minor you will be given one warning. If you misuse the site a second time you will be warned again. The third time you will be banned from the forum.
-Have fun!

There are a lot of features and improvements for HighFlyer being rolled out so your in the right place. Thanks for stopping by, see you around!  ;D
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