HighFlyer Forum http://gamegrapestudios.com/highflyer/index.php HighFlyer v1.3.7.3a http://gamegrapestudios.com/highflyer/index.php?topic=11.msg11#msg11 Attention Everyone! -- HighFlyer v1.3.7.3a is here!
Here's what is new/featured in this version:
  • 30 Levels!
  • Improved UI and Graphics
  • Level 5, 8, 10, 9, 4, 3, and 14 Updates
  • Level Skipping Bug has been fixed...
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Welcome to the Developers Area [READ FIRST!] http://gamegrapestudios.com/highflyer/index.php?topic=10.msg10#msg10 Welcome to the Developers Area!
On this page you can write all of your programming and/or game development related questions such as which programming languages were used for HighFlyer, graphics, and music discussion, and more! We can even talk...]]>
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Welcome to Bugs and Issues [READ FIRST!] http://gamegrapestudios.com/highflyer/index.php?topic=9.msg9#msg9 Welcome to Bugs and Issues
On this page you let us know about bugs and/or issues with the game. We will try to fix all problems as soon as possible  ;)
Be sure to read the rules which you can find in the General Chat area, first topic.
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Welcome to Feature Suggestions [READ FIRST!] http://gamegrapestudios.com/highflyer/index.php?topic=8.msg8#msg8 Welcome to Feature Suggestions!
On this page you will find all the Feature Suggestions for HighFlyer made by the community. You can also send us your own feature suggestions through this board. How cool is that  8)
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Welcome to Reviews, Press, and Media [READ FIRST!] http://gamegrapestudios.com/highflyer/index.php?topic=7.msg7#msg7 Welcome to  Reviews, Press, and Media!
On this page you will find all the  Reviews, Press, and Media coverage for HighFlyer. Feel free to post your own videos and articles about the game as well!  ;)
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