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September 13, 2018, 08:38:36 AM
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January 14, 2019, 06:28:24 AM
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What can you use as a vibrator
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Can you use your phone as a vibrator
Who invented the first vibrator
Widow's pension: How it is calculated, how much is charged and what is needed to qualify for it
The death of a loved one is always a time of hard and sadness but if that person is the couple you have to mentalize about all the paperwork that must be done to leave everything well tied and have all the documents in order.
When one of the members of the couple or the couple dies, one must be informed about everything that needs to be done. One of the things that must be taken into account is the widow's pension that is left to the widow or widower.

n the case of loss, being married to your spouse, you have to take into account the conditions for which you can receive a pension for life
The widow's pension is the amount of money left to the widow or widower for life. It is granted as long as there is a union of marriage or common-law marriage between the deceased and the person requesting the economic benefit.
This monthly income for the loss of the spouse is fully compatible with any income for work reasons, with the retirement pension or the one offered for a permanent disability. None of them is exclusive.
You can not receive several widow's pensions, that is, if a person has been part of a marriage or domestic partnership and receives a benefit for the death of the couple can not collect a second pension if it becomes a widow or widower of a second couple. In this case you will have to choose which one you want to stay with.
 How is it calculated and how much is charged?  The amount of money included in the widow's pension is obtained by applying the percentage corresponding to the regulatory base. If the death has occurred due to an accident at work or occupational disease the amount will increase between 30% and 50% depending on the severity.
The causes of death and its severity vary the amount of the widow's pension
The corresponding percentage will be 52% of the regulatory base except for some exceptions in which the percentage to calculate the pension that the widower or widow will receive after the death of the person with whom they have shared a marriage will increase by 70%.
The exceptions established by Social Security are:
1 That the person receiving the widow's pension have family responsibilities. Family obligations are understood to be living with children under 26 years of age or with persons over this age who are incapacitated. For the latter case, a disability equal to or greater than 33% must be accredited.
2 That the widow's benefit supposes the only source of income of the person who has just lost his partner. This requirement is met when the annual amount of the widow's pension is greater than 50% of the widow's or widower's total income.
The fact of having dependent children or disability influences the amount received for the widow's benefit
3 That the widow's pension, on an annual basis, plus the annual income of the widow or widower does not exceed the income limits that are set at 17,486.97 per annum from January 1, 2018. If this is not fulfilled, it will be reduced the amount of money received for the benefit.
 What is needed to be entitled to the widow's pension?  The first thing to do when a member of the couple or the couple dies is to fill out the application form of Survival Benefits and attach the personal and specific documentation that is indicated in the model cited above.
The application and additional documentation must be presented at the Social Security Information and Care Centers of the National Institute of Social Security. The people who work in the sea must present it in the Provincial Directions of the Social Institute of the Navy.
To be able to access the widow's pension, the model of Survivorship Benefits must be completed
The National Institute of Social Security will be responsible for recognizing the right to obtain the widow's pension that is requested. In the case of those who work at sea, the responsibility falls on the Social Institute of the Navy. If the death was due to an accident at work, it would be necessary to go to the Mutual Collaborator with the Social Security.
The widow or widow of the couple or the couple can request the economic benefit at the time they want after the death of their spouse. Said widow's pension will be paid with a retroactivity of three months.
 When the right to a widow's pension expires?  There are also a series of facts or situations for which the widow's pension is not paid. You have to know the regulations to know the time or the reasons why Social Security stops entering the corresponding amount of money:
1 By contracting a new marriage or creating a de facto couple. This situation is subject to exceptions that can be consulted at the National Institute of Social Security.
The persons responsible for the death of your husband or wife are not entitled to receive a widow's pension
2 For being the culprit of the death of the other person who was part of the couple's marriage. It must be by declaration in final judgment.
3 Due to the death of the person receiving the widow's pension.
4 If it is verified that the person who is missing has not died.

What is a pencil vibrator used for
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February 08, 2019, 11:48:24 AM
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vibrator on clit
In sadomasochistic practices, pain is the source of pleasure, therefore, it is used in the context of a sexual relationship to enjoy. As? Why? Below the explanations.

In sadomasochistic practices, pain is the source of pleasure, therefore, it is used in the context of a sexual relationship to enjoy. As? Why? Below the explanations.
What is sadomasochism?

It is a sexual practice that uses pain, domination, or even humiliation, in the pursuit of pleasure. Sadomasochism comes from two terms: sadism and masochism. Sadism (term developed from the name of the Marques de Sade) consists, on the part of a person, to inflict suffering on the object of his desire to access pleasure. Masochism, on the contrary, consists in receiving, and needing, this suffering to achieve the same pleasure. The couple, therefore, establishes a dominant / dominated relationship, in which the implementation of verbal violence and bodily services will provide them with an intense satisfaction.
The practices
Do not confuse bondage with sadomasochism. Although currently the use of handcuffs, and even of whips, is a way to liven up the sexual life, the true sado is on another level. To begin with, you need a particular staging, which explains that you usually practice in specialized clubs. Each member is dressed in garments that define their status and uses various instruments: masks, handcuffs, ropes or chains, whips, whips ... The "master" is given to all kinds of rituals to subdue his "slave". In a point of view of humiliation, you can force your partner to adopt unpleasant postures, tie her to dominate her better, use verbal violence (insults) and inflict physical torture: flagellation, insertion of objects in the mucous membranes (vagina, anus, mouth) , etc. In some extreme cases, sadomasochism can lead to much more severe mutilations, such as piercings, tattoos, or even sacrifices and burns.
The adepts

Considered for a long time a devious and reprehensible practice, it was reserved for certain media, such as prostitution networks. Except in the field of exchange or bondage, sadomasochism is no longer a taboo. However, the real sado, the one who does damage, continues to be a marginal practice, despite the fact that every time he has more curious: breaking the monotony, making a fantasy, giving pleasure to his partner, experiencing new sensations ... reasons to go around the club.
Freedom or perversity?
Sadomasochism is still very condemned by society. Medicine also mistrusts this type of practice and believes that sadism comes from a severe psychiatric pathology. However, the risk of finding a real sadist is low, since the rules of the game must be defined at the beginning by the couple. It is more a consensual temporary dominating behavior than a perverse real tendency without limits.
Sadomasochists: attention, danger
Limits should be set to avoid skids: some practices can be dangerous, because when talking about violence, they talk about wounds. Therefore, the couple must have established a code that, when used by the person submitting, marks the immediate arrest without discussion. Security is not negotiable, in the same way that you have to calculate well the impact of these practices on the psychological balance of each, particularly the dominated.
Although at present it seems irrefutable that each person directs their sexual life as they wish, can they afford everything under the pretext that they are part of the intimacy? And here is the limit: although sadomasochism is based on a dominant / dominated relationship, no service can be inflicted without the consent of the other person. In that case, it would be an aggression and the victim would have the right to denounce for aggression his physical integrity and / or sexual aggression.
And the feelings?
The violence and humiliations that the couple is authorized are not inseparable from the affective bond that unites them. On the contrary, sadomasochistic rituals are based above all on the mutual trust of each one towards the other. For this reason, more and more is practiced in the framework of a stable relationship, and not in an exchange, for example. It must be decided between two and, like all sexual practices, it is not independent of the feelings between two people.