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September 13, 2018, 08:38:36 AM
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January 14, 2019, 06:28:24 AM
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Re: 11
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sex toys for her
»Drag a man? 10 tips to take the first step

© Istock1. Be sure of your stroke: because if you go into doubt, you have every chance that it does not work.
2. But do not show that you are sure of yourself: when a boy catches you with confidence, sure that it's in his pocket, you're running away, right? Well, it's the same.
3. Prepare the ground: glances supported and reflections reflected. Before approaching a guy, we anticipate and plan.
4. But stay natural: like everything that is worked, it must look spontaneous. As if it was the first time you did it.
5. Think about tenchniques approaching the guys: it's a good way to know what they like and what they expect from you. Because the goal is to please them.
6. Stay on your own: do not turn into a fantasy just to seduce a boy. Be seductive but stay yourself.
7. Take care of your style: you must be seduced by your class and elegance from the first impression. Because the first impression is the one that stays the longest.
8. But do not be too sophisticated: it should not be afraid or he does not feel up to it either. By dint of wanting to do too well you will make him run away.
9. Be enterprising: men can be a little intimidated by your approach and suddenly they may not know how to react. Do not hesitate to do the second see the third step!
10. But not too demonstrative: and this is probably the most difficult step. We must succeed in letting them believe that it is they who took the initiative of all that. Otherwise their ego will take a hit ...
 Take your courage with both hands and go
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 The benefits   You choose the guy yourself
Sometimes you let yourself be carried away by the current. None of the men around you particularly seduced you, so you wait to see what happens. And you let them manifest themselves. But when you had a crush or a crush, why wait? For once, you have the opportunity to take control of your love life. You have chosen a man among the others, do not hesitate to let him know. The advantage? At least you chose him.    You speed things up
This guy is cute, you like it and you feel that you like him too but ... he is slow to invite you to dinner. Normal, he's a guy. Like the majority of men on this planet, he has trouble making decisions. And it's even more true when it comes to romantic relationships. Men have not understood everything about feminism: they are always afraid to get scammed. The advantage? By inviting him to dinner yourself, you do not have to wait a month for the man to take the first step.    Men like enterprising women
It's world famous, men fantasize more about Sharon Stone than Bridget Jones. And it's not just a story of icepickers. They like that a girl takes the lead, that she is friendly and open. And then, if a woman is released enough to flirt herself, they think she will be at least as enterprising in bed ... The advantage? They are pleasantly surprised by your initiative.    You are not taken by surprise
By taking the first step, you give yourself the luxury of choosing everything. You choose the man, the place and the moment. That way, you have had time to think about your plan of attack, your distribution and the lingerie that you will wear (well, well, do not tell me no ?!). Finished so the evenings where you must repel the advances of a beautiful boy just for a hair removal problem. The advantage? You got ready.    You do not get stung by your guy
The little story that wants everything to come to those who can wait, it's very cute, but everyone does not arm with patience as you could perhaps do it! Because to wait for Monsieur to raise a finger, it's mostly a shot to be stung his "target" by a girl who she will not have asked questions. As a result you will spend the evening treating her as a tease and he's a jerk. It's not very sexy anyway, right? So go for it. The advantage? You do not regret anything, you went there.    When the urge takes you ...
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© Istock
 The disadvantages   You risk getting a rake
Since earlier, you have the impression that it looks only at you and that it is in the pocket ... However, nothing moves. But if he does not come to see you, perhaps there is another explanation than simple shyness. And if the one he looked at insistently it was rather your girlfriend? The risk if you go there? By taking the first step, you also expose yourself to the possibility of some humiliations. And after ? If rake there is, you will never see again and at least you will have no regrets.    You will be considered a teaseOn fine, the idea that the girls dredge, it is not is not yet fully in the mornings. Or more exactly, society has understood the idea but a bit of a mess. Because for many, a girl who takes the first step, it remains a tease. The risk if you go there? Ok men will probably greet you with a carnivorous smile, but are you sure you're ready to take on the role of the teaser?     You're more likely to go wrong
When a man comes to flirt with you, you have all the time to pass all the tests you want. You can ask him about his tastes, his desires and check your accounting. The risk if you are driving towards him? If it's you who takes the first step, when you can stumble on a bland man, without pep's, and when you realize that he's an idiot, it'll be too late ...    You will lose the pleasure of being courted
All night, you turned around. A smile here, a glance stealthy there. When you have danced, it is only thinking of him. But you did not speak to him that evening. You waited for him to do it. And when you finally see him coming towards you, your heart is racing ... Well, taking the first step is all over. Risk taking the lead? To lose the pleasure of having been courted. What can you tell your girlfriends?    It's not a princess thing
In fairy tales you read little girl, there was a princess locked up in a dungeon waiting for the prince charming to deliver her from the wicked dragon. Today, you've grown up, you know you're not a princess, you do not live in a dungeon and the dragons do not exist.That's why you decided to go get yourself Even the Prince Charming! The risk ? That you have no more childhood dreams.    Take your foot
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© DR aufeminin
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