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Hello Guys! We have a special announcement for you. To celebrate the season we are giving away free let's plays, game reviews, and written reviews to 8 lucky people! In order to win all you have to do is refer people to the GameGrape Gaming and/or GameGrape Studios Patreon Accounts. If the person you referred signs up to be a patron, pledging $25 or more once their first payment goes through you will get free let's plays, game reviews, and written reviews every month! You choose which one you want each month, send us the game and we do the rest! This is valid for you as long as the person you referred is still a patron. You are allowed to refer as many people as you'd like. Who ever is responsible for the first 4 successful referrals will win.
 Referring Form:
So what are you waiting for?
Game on! Let the Games Begin!

GameGrape Gaming / New GameGrape Gaming Website and libGDXJam 20% Sale!
« Last post by GameGrape Studios on December 30, 2015, 11:11:09 AM »
Hello everyone! Hopefully you all are doing good.  :D.  We have some exciting new for you all! We created a new website. Introducing the new GameGrape Gaming Website! Since we own this site we will have more control on how we design it and also what we can do, and most importantly what we can give to you guys!
That brings us to the next topic: The GameGrape Gaming libGDXJam Deals Sale! All GameGrape Gaming products are 20% off due to the current libGDXJam. If you would like to get reviewed head over to the new GameGrape Gaming website. We are currently working on HighFlyer and there should be updates soon. Stay Tuned and have a great day!  ;D
Hello and welcome to the GameGrape Studios forum :D Here you can talk about all things GameGrape Studios, such as games, ideas, memories, you name it!

Rules:(note these may change so be sure to keep updated with them!)
-No racism, disorderly conduct, bullying and likewise of any kind will be not be acceptable on this forum. This works on a case to case basis. If the offense is seen as ban worthy, an administrator reserves the right to remove you from the forum if you break the rules. If the offense if seen as minor you will be given one warning. If you misuse the site a second time you will be warned again. The third time you will be banned from the forum.
-Have fun!

There are a lot of features and improvements for our games, services and products being rolled out so your in the right place. Thanks for stopping by, see you around!  ;D
GameGrape Gaming / Welcome to the GameGrape Gaming Board! [READ FIRST]!
« Last post by GameGrape Studios on August 31, 2015, 12:42:28 PM »
Welcome to the GameGrape Gaming Board!
On this page you can post your own games to be reviewed, talk to other game developers, share your game reviews with the community, and more!
Be sure to read the rules which you can find in the General Chat area, first topic.
Enjoy!  8)
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